Pure Flow Energies

Energy Healing Therapies and Readings

Services & Rates

Psychic, Medium, or Aura Reading (30 min.): $79

Email Reading (2 questions): $55

Coaching Session (60 min): $60

Reiki Healing Treatment (60 min): $60

Please select the service of your choice.

Once payment is received, I will contact you to book an appointment time.

All Readings & Coaching are conducted via phone or Skype. 

Reiki is conducted via distance.

Email readings are limited to 2 questions only. Please do not provide background information, only the questions. Response will be provided within 48 hours.

"She was able to dig deep, I mean really deep into my personality and knew things about me know one else knew. Incredible experience for sure! "

Tamara Reid, United States